You have come to the right place. I’m glad you are here to explore how you can make an unforgettable first and lasting impression on your colleagues, clients and audience.

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ABCD of Personal brand

Appearance Management

Behaviour & Etiquette

Communication & Presentation

Digital Footprints : Image on Social Media

What is Image Consulting?

Your image is "you" in the minds of the people; what do they think about you; what is their perception of you.

Image consulting is managing one’s Appearance, Behaviour Communication and digital footprints in order to project an appropriate, genuine and smart image. It is about managing your first impression and personal impact.

We all make assumptions based on what we see. First impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone for the first time.

Who needs Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is for everyone who wants to upgrade his/her style to match with roles and professional and social goals.

An employee’s or a CEO’s image will have an impact on the company’s image; a socialite’s or celebrity’s image plays a great role in their careers. Image of a leader is essentially important as they are responsible for their team’s and the company’s reputation.

What We Do

Executive Presence

Do you want to get the respect you deserve in both business and social situations?

Coporate Identity

Do you want your presence to be symbol of professionalism and credibility?


Do you want your employees to project positive image of your organization?


Do you want to polish your business, travel & dining etiquette?

If answer to any of the questions above is yes, then Consultation with Neha will help you.

Re-define and re-create yours and your company’s desired image through a tailored approach, helping you own and recognize your individuality in the most stylish way possible.


“Neha’s Professional Image Building Session was very useful from the personal development perspective. Her emphasis on confidence building through focusing on important aspects of grooming, etiquette and communication has turned out to be guiding light for my team members.”

Dr. Vrushali Raut -(Lead-People Management, Siemens)

“Neha Ratnakar’s training session definitely directed us in building positive self image and confidence at workplace. Her interactive training style made the learning interesting.”

Sylvia & Nimisha-Corporate Employees (ABB India,Mumbai)

“Neha Ratnakar is Employee Branding Consultant for our resort. She has good understanding of customer’s brand consciousness. Her employee training activities and consulting sessions for leadership team has helped us to showcase professional image of our organization. ”

Neha Suyog Dandekar -( COO, Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, Satara)

“Image Consulting Sessions with Neha have really amazed me because of her in- depth knowledge. At the same time, I have realized that how casual I was in selecting clothes. Among all sessions ‘Wardrobe detox’ was the best one. She was personally present for Shopping Sessions and was very specific and clear in what and why she was suggesting. I strongly recommend Neha Ratnakar as a Style coach and image makeover specialist.”

Sharangdhar Kulkarni -(Managing Director- High Profile Real Estate)

“Image Consultant Neha Ratnakar’s sessions helped me manage my appearance and first impressions at varied occasions. Neha’s knowledge of fashion brands and her shopping recommendations are best suited for my professional image. ”

Mr. K Hegde-(MD, ISOMETRICS India)