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Image Audit & Employee Branding

The translation of the corporate brand internally to employees must be supported by mission, vision, goals, values and culture of the organization. Organizational culture is company’s common set of values, assumptions, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs resulting from company’s history. The values are expressed through behaviour of management and employees and reflected in its communications. Employees are important part of the corporate brand and they must understand what the brand stands for so they can live the brand. Do your employees understand your brand value and goals? The brand value is transmitted by the employees as they are the interface between organization and its stakeholders. Employee behaviour is “living the brand” ideology: employees live and enact and deliver brand message. Behaviour of employees will affect the brand perceptions and relationships with different stakeholders. Thus it is important for employees to receive training on brand values, perceptions and appropriate communications about values of the company. Our employee branding service is finest blend of consulting and training sessions for employees and decision makers.

Corporate Training

Three highlights of Corporate Training with Neha

  • Neha connects with a wide range of audiences of varying cultures and ages because she has the ability to address everyone from the doorman to the CEO. She creates a memorable experience in a fun, informative way. Guaranteed that your audience will remember the lessons Neha shares.
  • No matter the group size or format, your attendees will listen, talk, discuss, practice, move, vote, interact, and, most important, laugh with Neha during her presentations. Neha doesn’t lecture, standing behind a podium and drone on about reinforce the key concepts of her topic, she lets audience experience what their first impression actually says about them. These interactions bring the audience members closer to each other and closer to embracing the ideas Neha shares.
  • Neha doesn’t use canned presentations because each industry, company, and audience has its own challenges and needs a different approach. delivering content-rich presentations.


“Neha’s Professional Image Building Session was very useful from the personal development perspective. Her emphasis on confidence building through focusing on important aspects of grooming, etiquette and communication has turned out to be guiding light for my team members.”

Dr. Vrushali Raut -(Lead-People Management, Siemens)

“Neha Ratnakar’s training session definitely directed us in building positive self image and confidence at workplace. Her interactive training style made the learning interesting.”

Sylvia & Nimisha-Corporate Employees (ABB India,Mumbai)

“Neha Ratnakar is Employee Branding Consultant for our resort. She has good understanding of customer’s brand consciousness. Her employee training activities and consulting sessions for leadership team has helped us to showcase professional image of our organization. ”

Neha Suyog Dandekar -( COO, Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, Satara)

“Technical skills are not the only skills that your team member should possess. Team members need to share a common vision that is aligned with the goals, vision & mission of the organisation. Almost a year back one of my friend introduced me to Neha Ratnakar ( Splendid Consultants) and I thought it was a great opportunity to inculcate additional skills in to my team members.My team members could set their personal goals and because they had some personal goals in the life they were more keen to align these goals to their job role. Skilled, motivated & passionate human resources is now something I am happy with and credit goes to Neha's training & consulting sessions with my team. The result was improved patient care and more satisfied patients.”

-Dr. Sameer Bhandari -( Renowned Dentist, NABH Accredited Bhandari Dental Clinic, Pune)